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Hi, Joan here!

I've been highly successful with my keto diet, and by that I mean I've lost 30lbs, cured my acne, increased my energy levels, balanced my hormones (PMS is a thing of the past), put an end to yo-yo dieting and freed myself from food addiction and disordered eating.

I really have A LOT to thank keto for!

However, I didn't just find this success on my own.... I had help.

And getting this help was so very vital for me, and so instrumental in me finding my way with keto that I'm super excited to fully endorse and share with you the exact programs that I have used (and continue to use today). Programs that give you:

  • One of a kind support systems for women on keto.
  • Everything you need to lose weight and find vibrant health.
  • Step by step guides to get you into ketosis (and how to stay there!).
  • Access to a community of like-minded (awesome) keto women.
  • Trouble shooting advice, meal plans, recipes and so much more...

I will tell you more about these programs in a moment, but first I would like to quickly introduce you to the creator of these programs (and my guide and mentor) - Leanne Vogel.

leanne vogel - creator of the keto meal plans for women

Leanne is a passionate nutrition educator, best-selling author and keto-revolutionary for women.

She has gained word-wide recognition for her Youtube channel 'Healthful Pursuit' where she teaches women about the benefits of a high fat diet.

Personally, she has overcome weight issues, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction and amenorrhea through eating keto, and she has helped thousands of other women to do the same.

She is, currently, one of the only women in the world who has created programs like these specifically designed to help women create a body, health (and life!) they love with a ketogenic diet.

(And by the way - they all have a 100% money back guarantee!)

What to Do Next - The Programs

  • Below you'll find a brief overview of what you get with each program.
  • To get the full run down, just click on the link below each program.
  • This will take you to Leanne's website for a detailed description of what you get (exciting!).
  • If you decide to join us, just hit 'add to cart' and you'll be taken through a simple payment process.
  • ...And your program will land in your inbox immediately (Woohoo!)

1. Balanced Weekly Keto Diet Meal Plans Straight to Your Inbox:

Weekly plans and recipes

This is for you if you just want  a hassle free, done for you program which tells you what to eat and when!

These weekly meal plans come straight to your inbox every Tuesday and include a weekly ketogenic meal plan with precise (easy to follow) recipes and shopping list.

This eliminates what can be time-consuming stress and preparation necessary to successfully follow a keto diet. When you sign up you receive a weekly email which includes (amongst other goodies):

  • 7 days of complete meal plans done for you plus organised shopping lists.
  • Easy to make, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Dairy free, grain free, nightshade free, egg free and nut free options
  • 5 minute time-saver recipes
  • Guides, information and tips.
  Show me the Weekly Meal Plans!

2. The Keto Beginning Program - Classic Keto Diet Guide & Menu Plan for Beginners:

The Keto Beginning meal plan

This is for you if you are completely new to keto and want a simple guide that explains exactly how to follow a keto diet, and includes meal plans and recipes.

Find out how Leanne eats 200g of fat per day and how she lost 20lbs and reduced her body fat from 32% to 20% in two months.

The keto beginning is a everything you need in a complete guide to transitioning to keto, with information, meal plans and over 70 recipes.

It's a no fuss, straight talking package that will clear up any questions you've got and give you all you need to stop messing around with what you 'think' is keto, and get straight to the nuts and bolts of what works, and what doesn't when you start keto'ing.

Get your macros spot on, reach your perfect weight, no restrictions or deprivation, increase your energy, your self-confidence and self-love.


Show me The Keto Beginning!

Prefer Audio books? Check out the Keto Beginning on Audio Book here


3. The Fat Fueled Program - Cyclical Ketogenic Diet & Meal Plan to Lose Weight and Heal Your Body:

Fat fueled keto plan

This is for you if you have a basic understanding of what the keto diet is and you want to integrate and fine tune your diet to your specific needs while liberating yourself from calorie and macro counting so you can eat more intuitively.

Fat Fueled is Leanne's second complete program for eating the ketogenic diet.

It's based on all the ketogenic principles, and adapted specifically to help women use dietary fat to our advantage.

Become a fat burning machine by creating your own fat-fueled profile.

Includes carb up instructions, actions for healing hormone health, allergies, cravings, busting through weight loss plateaus, and how to use intermittent fasting. Find out how to create a diet that doesn't ruin your life!

Discover how to know if you're fat-adapted, use her workout and movement plans to heal health imbalances and so much more.

Includes meal plans and recipes.

Show me the Fat Fueled Program!

Prefer Audio Books? Check Out Fat Fueled on Audio Book here


BONUS! The Keto Bundle: Get Both the Keto Beginning and the Fat Fueled Programs for a Reduced Price!

keto diet meal plan bundle

This is the opportunity to buy both the Keto Beginning and the Fat Fueled Programs together for at a discounted price!

Perfect if you are determined to dive in, find out everything there is to know about keto and find your success with weight loss, food freedom and health

You get the complete beginner's guide plus the the in-depth companion that helps you to zero in on any health problems and free yourself forever.

Show me the Keto Bundle!

Prefer Audio books? Check out the Keto Bundle on Audiobook here.

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