Our Keto Chocolate Success!

low carb keto chocolates and chocolate bars

My ten-year-old son and I made some keto chocolates at the weekend and they’re absolutely delicious! I have tried various recipes and haven’t found one that I like yet, but … Read More

Dealing with a Non-Keto Family

dealing with a non keto family

Just because you’ve decided that keto is the way to go, doesn’t mean that your family will happily jump on board too. So it’s important to have a plan (however … Read More

How to Speed Up Keto Adaptation

all about keto adaptation and how to speed up the process

I’ve touched on this in a few other posts but wanted to address it separately because it’s another one of those questions that gets asked a lot. Before I dive … Read More

The Ketogenic Diet for Acne

ketogenic diet for acne

As someone who has had trouble with acne all my life, the ketogenic diet has really been a Godsend. From around the age of 12 until a few months into … Read More

Do Women Need Carbs?

do women need to eat carbs

When I first started exploring the ketogenic diet I quickly found out that there are a lot of different opinions on whether or not women should eat carbs. One side … Read More