Does the Keto Diet Work for Women? (My Story)

Smiling healthy womanWon’t somebody just tell me what to do!!

I had ground to a halt.

Despite trying over and over again, I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to feed myself…

and how ridiculous does that sound?

I couldn’t work out how to eat in a way that meant I could enjoy my food and still lose weight, without obsessing over calories.

And, there was that one thing I wanted more than anything:

I wanted to be free.

I had images in my mind of slim, happy women who barely even thought about food.

You know, they forget to eat sometimes (whaaaa?), and they shimmy through life wearing bikinis, skinny jeans and well, whatever they want because it ALWAYS LOOKS GOOD.

(Did these women actually exist?)

I just couldn’t for the life of me work out how to achieve this, and I really, REALLY wanted to.

I was so confused. And I wanted to be not confused. I wanted to be slim and happy.

Not that I let anyone know how confused I was, because you know, I’m a grown woman and I really should have mastered the whole ‘how to feed myself’ thing by now, right?

You see, on one hand I desperately wanted to lose weight, (I’d gained 30lbs in the last few years), and of course, I wanted to lose it as fast as possible. What I really wanted to do was get on with enjoying my life, and having that confidence that women have when they’re slim and happy.

But, the other thing that was equally important to me, (as a mother of three and someone fast approaching their 40’s), was the desire to be healthy.

In fact, I wanted to be healthier, stronger, fitter and yes, I’ll admit it, better looking than I was in my 20’s because you know, life, getting older, ego, etc.

So What Would Work for Me?

What I essentially wanted was a diet – that didn’t feel like a diet.

A way of eating that meant I could love food and also forget about food.

I wanted to lose weight quickly, but I didn’t want to be obsessing over what I was eating or counting calories.

I wanted to be in control.

I also want to be 100% free to eat what I wanted, when I wanted.

I wanted to let go and take charge simultaneously.


This kind of reminded me of when I was younger and couldn’t decide what shoes I wanted to buy. Should I get the posh, pointy heels? Or rugged cowgirl boots?

I wanted both.

At the same time.

So anyway, I came to the conclusion that what I wanted just wasn’t possible.

And this bothered me a lot.

It seemed like I would have to resign myself to a life of being a bit porky with some chin acne if I wanted to eat what I wanted, when I wanted.


I would have to resign myself to a life of counting calories and saying ‘no’ if I wanted the body (and face) that I wanted.

But apparently I couldn’t have both.

Or so I thought…health and vibrancy

You see, then I hit upon one ridiculously simple thing that would change all this and, yes, give me everything I wanted and more.

Mwah hah ha ha ha… But more on this shortly.

There’s one more thing I haven’t told you yet…

I had a secret fear.

Something bothered me more than anything else, and it was really starting to get me down deep inside.

And it was this…

I was failing, over and over. And this was really starting to affect me on all kinds of levels and across all aspects of my life.

I didn’t want to fail again.

Because in the last 10 years I seemed to have ‘failed’ at every diet possible. Each time I thought I’d  found the answer, the route to freedom, the perfect way to eat. And each time I was wrong.

And each time, a little bit of my confidence disappeared.

I started questioning myself more. Wondering what was wrong with me. And secretly feeling ashamed of myself.

It wasn’t for want of trying though. I tried everything.

Raw food, vegetarianism, veganism, paleo, low calorie, intermittent fasting, low-fat, the warrior diet (otherwise known as ‘what sumo wrestlers do to stay super heavy’.. yeah that one didn’t work), calorie counting, blood type diet, intuitive eating.

Nothing worked.

At least, I couldn’t stick with any of these for long enough to see results anyway. Or, I saw results and then went and celebrated for a couple of months with wine, chocolate, and pizza.

And joking aside, with a history of disordered eating, I was scared stiff that I would eventually lose control altogether and go back to bingeing and purging like when I was a teenager.

They weren’t pleasant times.

Anyway, this one thing I mentioned (and gave the evil genius laugh about)..

I had a kind of epiphany and I realised that the one key to everything – to how I ate and how I felt about eating, was that I had to feel satisfied.

A satisfied person doesn’t have urges to look for more food or pop down the shop for a packet of biscuits (you know, for the kids…). A satisfied person is just that – satisfied.

I know it sounds obvious, but believe me, it was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees.

This simple realisation was the key to my freedom.

It was the common denominator – if I could find a way to be completely satisfied with what I was eating, while at the same time eating less, this would tick all the boxes that I needed to tick.

So I started doing research on what the most satisfying foods were.

This may sound silly but bear with me.

You know what I found out?

Well, if you’ve done your research on keto as you may well have done, you’ll know that the answer is FATS.

And this is exactly what led me to read a ton of material about the ketogenic diet.


What I found was, there were loads of body builders into the ketogenic lifestyle. And there were certainly loads of men into eating the ketogenic lifestyle.

But what about women?


On further investigation, I found lots of amazing success stories from women who had gained control of their eating, lost a ton of weight and were happy as the proverbial Larry.

However, I also found a boat load of information about how dropping carbs was bad for women. I read about thyroid misfunctions, I read about adrenal issues, sleep problems, hair falling out, anxiety issues, depression.

Well, this brought the confusion right back to square one.

Did the keto diet work for women or not?

I really, really wanted the ketogenic diet to be the answer.

I really, really wanted to experience the success that some women seemed to be having.

I wanted to eat steak covered in butter and lose weight, but I certainly didn’t want ANY of that bad stuff I’d read about.

I don’t know a lot about hormones, but I know I don’t want mine messed up.

But anyway, flash forward to today and I’m happy to say that you can have your buttered steak and eat it.

I actually found a way to make keto work for me with all of that good stuff, and none of the bad.

Seriously. None.

And yes, I’m pretty pleased with myself. 🙂

And you’ll probably hear more about how pleased I am with myself as I continue writing my blog.

But it would be remiss of me to take any credit here. Because it’s all down to one lady.

Leanne Vogel.

leanne vogel - creator of the keto meal plans for womenLeanne is a LIFE SAVER as far as I’m concerned. (As well as a nutritionist, keto expert and best selling author).

She cracked it basically, where no one else has before.

She has figured out how to adapt the ketogenic diet for women.

How to have ALL the benefits of ketosis with none of the drawbacks!

It’s a lifestyle she leads herself, and she has lost weight, healed her adrenals, hypothyroidism and hormones.

Pretty amazing.

And after a long period of trial and error with keto, she has created two super easy and inexpensive programs to follow that guide you effortlessly into a state she calls ‘fat-fueled’.

This is where you are keto-adapted and your body burns fat primarily for energy.

Hell yeah.

I bought her programs, and I followed them to a tee.

My results?

I lost 30lbs, and I never felt hungry.

I ate delicious food.

I felt better than I have in a decade.

Now it’s literally almost impossible for me to be porky these days, and boy do I eat, and boy do I love what I eat!

I am so grateful to Leanne, I can’t even begin to express it.

I finally found the food freedom, the health, and the slimness I always wanted thanks to her.

Keto Diet Plans that Work for Women

If you’re still with me, thank you for reading my story!

I’m really happy to say that Leanne’s programs are available for you right now if you are (like I was) searching for a way to eat that will help you lose weight, get super healthy and feel on top of the world.

So if you would like to find out more about Leanne’s keto programs for women, (and I sincerely hope you do), just head over to my meal plans page by clicking the link below.

Tell Me More About Leanne’s Keto Programs!

So keto on ladies and fear not.

There’s only good stuff coming!

And you know what, I’d love to hear about your experiences with the programs. I can only expect they will be as good as mine.

Feel free to let me know and I’ll make sure Leanne hears about it!

To good food, good health and no more confusion!

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