Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly

Just about everyone these days are into health and fitness, and rightly so. With the world undergoing a global health crisis, I think it is only right that we pay a little more attention not just to the way we eat but the way we live our lives. 

The past few months during lockdowns and quarantines have given me the chance to reevaluate my life and zone in on one of the changes I would like to make. Exercise and diet are the two things that I would like to focus on to get to my best self – and help me shed pounds a bit more quickly. 

Below are some famous success stories that have motivated me to lose weight fast. Their inspiring transformations both inside and out have definitely pointed me in the right direction. Take a look at these. 

  • Rebel Wilson
  • Adele
  • Jonah Hill
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • James Corden
Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: Times of India

Rebel Wilson

We all know Rebel Wilson as the funny Australian actress from films such as Bridesmaids, Jojo Rabbit, and Pitch Perfect, the latter of which her character in the movie was dubbed as Fat Amy. But she is no longer that, with the blonde actress sporting a more svelte look these days. 

Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: People

With her newfound confidence in her physique, Wilson has taken to posting more and more photos of herself on Instagram, giving followers a peek of what it is like to live inside her world and how to love one’s self a little bit more. 


2020 was Wilson’s year of health, with the actress declaring this on Instagram for all of her followers to see. This meant that 2020 was the year she would be doubling down on exercise in the hopes of getting down to her ideal weight of 165 pounds, something which I found admirable for her transparency. 

With that declaration, Wilson started simple exercises such as adding more steps by going out for walks. This routine was coupled with an eating plan called the Mayr Method, a program founded on treating and addressing conditions from within and combining this with mental acuity and exercise. 

How This Star Lost The Weight

Wilson owes much of her weight loss to her renewed relationship with food, thanks to the Mayr Method. After all, with the diet aiming to lessen sugar and caffeine intake and being more mindful when it comes to eating, Wilson has seen food as a way to nourish herself. 

The Mayr Method emphasizes the need to consume high alkaline foods such as fish and vegetables. As the program highlights exercise, it appears that Wilson is not one to forget about this, with the actress taking to working out up to six or even seven times a week. 

To make her program work, the actress has enlisted the help of a personal trainer, doing a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio through walking and hiking. She has also added more protein to her diet, ideal to accompany her workouts. 


Adele made waves over the internet for her stunning weight loss, which she unveiled not only on Instagram but also as she went on to host an episode Saturday Night Live in 2020. And what a change it was coming from her divorce in just April of the same year. 

Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: New York Post

Prior to her weight loss which took social media by storm, Adele already lost weight in the past number of years. With her grueling tours and performances, the singer reportedly had to work out to stay in shape to perform well.

Adele mainly lost weight due to exercise and a healthy diet via the Sirtfood program and reducing sugar intake. This is because the diet focuses on allowing consumers to eat food rich in sirtuins or proteins that boost health and metabolism while still allowing red wine, coffee, and chocolate. 

Sirtfoods are also called wonder foods primarily because of the nutrient-dense foods they provide. These include extra virgin olive oil, blueberries, apples matcha, kale, arugula, and many others. These foods reportedly aid in weight loss because they help reduce inflammation and increase metabolism.

How This Star Lost The Weight

Apart from taking to heart the Sirtfood method, Adele has also intensified her workouts. She exercises for around 60 minutes a day around three times a week, normally with a trainer to help her through the routine. 

Adele is a fan of switching up her exercise routines. Her workout sessions mainly revolve around cardio, circuit training, Pilates, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and even weight training. 

In particular, the singer has taken to enjoying reformer Pilates as it improves her flexibility while still working her core. In addition to these exercises, however, Adele has also picked up the habit of reading a self-help book that improved her relationship with her body. 

Jonah Hill

Thanks to his hilarious antics, Jonah Hill has risen to popularity due to movies like Superbad, 21 Jump Street, and The Wolf of Wall Street. In the past, however, the star has dealt with his own set of challenges during his younger years, being even called names such as ‘fat and unattractive.’

Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: Men’s Health

These days, however, Hill has been sporting a much leaner look after having lost more than 40 pounds. Despite having his weight fluctuate through the years and across different roles, Hill has now found more confidence in himself and his body.

How This Star Lost The Weight

Hill owes his weight loss to eating right and seeing a nutritionist. He also got a trainer to jumpstart his weight loss. He even reached out to costar Channing Tatum on how to get trim. Jonah first starting with running as a way to ease into fitness. 

One of the exercises that the star has tried throughout the course of his weight loss journey is boxing, with this sport being his go-to workout to stay in shape. Hill has also tried jiu-jitsu in the past. 

These days, the star is showing his leaner physique by going longboarding on the coast. This type of surfing is also great exercise, especially as it engages the core. I might have to try this soon.

Khloe Kardashian

This Kardashian remains one of my top favorites of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and for a good reason – she is funny through and through. Her bluntness and hilarity are refreshing. However, Khloe has served what I think is one of the greatest glow-ups of all time. 

Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: Heat World

Watching the Kardashians’ reality series has been a guilty pleasure of mine, and I saw just how much she has changed. From being called the outsider and ‘fat girl,’ I find that she has been more comfortable in her skin, especially after losing 60 or more pounds after giving birth to her daughter, True. 

How This Star Lost The Weight

This can be chalked up to Khloe putting in the effort to work out in the gym even during quarantine. After all, she has a gym at home and even a trainer on call to constantly help her amp up her game. 

Besides this, Khloe turned to a low-carb and dairy-free diet. Other workouts she has enjoyed include boxing classes, using the StairMaster, doing a bit of cardio through running or hiking, lifting weights, and even HIIT. 

Despite constantly working out and staying on top of her diet, the reality star ensures she does not deprive herself of her favorite meals. 

James Corden

Last but certainly not least on our list is no other than the Carpool Karaoke star and The Late Late Show host. Known for his witty antics, Corden took a turn for the better by taking control of his life by taking on a lifestyle shift. 

Record Weight Loss – Find Out How These 5 People Lost Weight Quickly
Image Source: Daily Mail

Corden said that he has tried all types of diets and has struggled with his weight for all his life, but nothing seemed to stick, something I can identify with. However, he decided to up his game, motivated mainly by his desire to be healthy for his family. 

How This Star Lost The Weight

Corden went on to join WW, otherwise known as Weight Watchers. Since January of this year, he has lost 20 pounds and has maintained it, with his slimmer physique being caught in paparazzi photos. 

WW is a weight loss and diet program that works by counting calories on an app. This scheme is determined based on an individual’s age, height, weight, and sex. Members of this program are to track everything they drink and eat, with food and beverages given points accordingly. 

According to Corden, what mainly appealed to him about WW was that the program emphasized wellness and health instead of simply having the goal of losing weight. The main goal is to help individuals make a lifestyle change and maintain this over time. 

The Bottom Line

The stories of these famous people who have lost weight have definitely inspired me to become a better version of myself. With the right diet and exercise, I believe that we, too, can shed unwanted pounds in no time.