If you’ve found this article, chances are you’ve found a little bit out about the ketogenic diet, and you’ve discovered that it’s gonna take a fair bit of effort and a pretty large change of habits.

However you’ve also read about all the benefits that you can gain from being in ketosis…. as long as you stick with it, without cheating (not once), and are prepared to wait for the results.

Sure there’s many people who drop weight like crazy and suddenly have glowing skin and energy that just won’t quit.

But then there are others who go through the keto-flu, have to lie on the couch stuffing butter in their mouths and end up giving up after 2 weeks because they haven’t suddenly turned into their 18 year old self.


That begs the question…

Is keto-adaptation worth fighting for?

Well, if there’s one thing for sure… anyone who sticks at the ketogenic diet reaps the rewards. Whether it’s in a few days or a few months, you can seriously turn your entire life around by making the changes that are required to bring about a state of nutritional ketosis.

But here’s the thing.

If you’ve spent a good many years eating high carb and/or stuffing crap into your body, it’s going to take time for your body to adjust and to heal. Because that’s what it’s really about – giving your body a chance to heal.

Yes, yes I know you want to lose weight (and lose it fast), and yes that may be exactly what happens for you when you begin eating keto. It’s what a lot of people experience after all. But don’t be discouraged if the weight doesn’t just drop off. If you find yourself in this situation, what it means is your body is using all those extra nutrients and fatty goodness to heal first. Because that is always your body’s first priority.

And although it might not seem like it, healing your body is the fastest way to losing weight. (You know, without starving yourself, cutting off an arm or otherwise causing yourself more damage).

And another thing –

If you find that you’re going through the ketosis flu and feeling awful, and this is why you’re wondering if sticking with keto is worth it, my advice to you is to stick it out. As Winston Churchill said – If you’re going through hell, keep going.

The keto-flu lasts anything from 24 hours to a couple of weeks. And yes, those couple of weeks can feel more like a couple of months. But if you just stick with it on that day when you’re thinking, what on earth am I doing? The chances are you’re just about to pop out of the other side.

You’ll suddenly realise you don’t need to have a lie down halfway through the morning, you are feeling happier than you have in a while, and the future of your keto journey starts looking bright. Expect sudden bursts of energy where you have to jump up and shout something!

And believe me, when you pop out of the other side, you’ll have absolutely no doubt as to whether it was worth stubbornly sticking to your guns, eating that extra tablespoon of coconut oil and brushing away the incredulous looks of your family and friends.

Then as time goes on you’ll get to know what how to tweak and adjust your diet for maximum positive effects.

The ketogenic diet is not an easy one to transition to. It takes persistence, a belief in the process and dogged determination. But it does get easier. I promise.

In fact, it doesn’t just get easier, it becomes a delightful, delicious, decadent way to lose weight and gain health.

So stick at it. It’s worth it.


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9 thoughts on “Is Keto Worth It?”

  1. Hello,

    I started Keto back in January and like most people I lost weight quickly about 8 pounds the first week. I quickly put it back on and haven’t been able to lose it again. I’ve had 2 cheat meals since I started but other than that I work out 5 times a week (cardio and weights) and typically don’t have a large appetite, I sometimes struggle to get over 1000 calories. My goal is to lose 10 pounds and have a flat and toned stomach. I cam currently 145 pounds. Will keto work for someone like me and if so how long would it take to lose the weight? When I track in my fitness app based on what I am eating I should have lost 15 pounds by now but the scale isn’t moving. If I am not eating enough fat could that contribute to me not losing weight?

    1. Hi Jasmine, without knowing more details, the first thing that comes to mind is you are not eating enough, especially as you are exercising a lot! Our bodies (especially for women) will hold onto weight if it seems like there is not enough food available. In order to lose weight you actually need to eat plenty – even though this sounds counterintuitive. With daily calories that low it is likely that your metabolism has slowed down. So yes, I would recommend more fats. Gradually increase your calories (for example by 50 each day). You could do this by literally eating some coconut oil off the spoon! I would also suggest you lay off the cardio while you keto-adapt. Nourish yourself, eat plenty of fats, let your body get used to the fact that there is plenty of food available and it will start to shed excess weight. All the best.

    2. If you are lifting weights your gaining muscles so do not just look at the scale lost 22lbs heavy lifting and thought that was it but the mirror said other wise I was gaining muscles oh amd it’ll help cut back to one cheat day then one cheat meal trust me it helps

  2. Hello,

    I’ve been considering starting the Ketogenic diet for a while now, and I’ve been reading tons and tons of articles on it. However, I still feel like I need some questions answered. I began becoming interested in the Ketogenic diet when I heard that it reduced your carb cravings. I used to eat carbs with every meal, and though the portions were small, I found that I always wanted more and more and more. Carbs where the only thing I wanted, even if it was just a little rice, beans, or potatoes. Is it true that a Ketogenic diet will take away these cravings? I have been steering clear of carbs for the past week, and I actually don’t feel the urge to eat them. However, I am still tempted to have a cheat day. And this leads me to my second question. What do you think about cheat days on Ketosis? Can I pull it off, and eat lots of carbs (or more than I would be allowed on Keto), and not gain back all my fat? How often do you think I can have these cheat meals, when I would be eating rice, cereals, or wheat, if at all? And how long should I wait before I have my first cheat meal? I know that I will be going out to parties and social events, and feel the need to be able to have a cheat meal every once in a while. Can this be pulled of on a Ketogenic diet? Please help me! I feel like as soon as I cheat on Keto, my body will flip, and I will put a bunch of weight back on. I need advice, and I would be so very grateful for it!

    Thank you for you concern!


    1. Hi Alexis, yes it’s completely true that following a ketogenic diet will dramatically decrease your carb cravings. It could be that you are particularly sensitive to carbs, I believe I am. In the past, if I ate some rice, for example, I would feel like I just wanted more and more. It took me around 3 weeks until I felt free of carb urges, and in that 3 weeks I made sure I kept to below 20g net of carbs. Also in that initial 3 weeks my carbs cravings came and went a lot and sometimes were really hard to resist! I know now that this is all part of your body adapting to being fat fuelled. Once your brain and your body are able to generate all the energy they need from fats and ketones, your carb cravings disappear. Now, I regularly do ‘carb-ups’ for my hormone health, and this equates to me eating something like a sweet potato a couple of times a week. Regarding cheat days, you will not ‘break’ anything by having a cheat day. I had cheat days in the beginning, however I soon found that I didn’t like them any more! I would feel a bit rubbish for a couple of days afterwards and bloat up because my body retained water but this all disappeared again after about 3 days of eating keto again. Honestly, I naturally came to feel that cheat days weren’t worth it! Having said that, I do believe that life is for living. So although I don’t have cheat days, I do allow myself to indulge in something on special occasions (for example having a piece of my son’s birthday cake with him rather than rigidly sticking to my regime). I hope this helps! All the best, Joan.

      1. Hi! I would like to ask: when you make ‘carb ups’ does it put you out of kretosis and few days later you are back in or you are in kretosis even eating sweet potatoes? PS; I just found your blog and….wow,girl,you did some goooood job- I think I’ll have a busy night reading and reading as I’m planning to go on keto diet to get rid of my acne (because NOTHINIG IN 17 years helped……).I’m still scared but I do belive I can do this 🙂

        1. Hi Anita! It really depends on the amount of carbs you eat for your carb up. If you just eat a small sweet potato or a few carrots for example, you will most likely be back in ketosis by the middle of the next day. The more carbs you eat, the longer it will take you to get back into ketosis. I’ve found that just a small amount of carbs does perfectly for a carb-up, so you don’t really spend a lot of time out of ketosis at all. Thank you for your kind words! The keto diet really helped with my acne which I struggled with for years. All the best!

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