Ketogenic Holiday Recipes from my Favourite Lady!

It’s here!

I’ve been so looking forward to this what with Christmas and holiday season just around the corner.

Leanne Vogel from Healthful Pursuit has released her Ketogenic Holiday Recipes Cookbook, and you know what? It’s only $10!

I’ve made a lot of her recipes in over the last year or so, and believe me when I say, this lady knows how to cook up a keto storm.

Staying keto over Christmas was a real struggle for me the first year. I would just gaze longingly at the treats that the rest of my family were stuffing away and then turn sadly to my scrambled eggs, spinach and butter.


The next year I was more prepared.

The trick is to find a collection of recipes that are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s, and keep you on your keto track. Trust me, preparation is key when it comes to the holidays.

Who cares if Aunty Peg is wolfing down chocolate and cake like there’s no tomorrow when you’re stuffed to the brim with glazed ham, eggnog pudding and pumpkin pie? And what’s more, full in the knowledge that you’re in fat burning mode the whole time. Not me!

Christmas should be a time of enjoyment, gratitude and love. Not a time when you’re distracted, wishing you could eat something you shouldn’t. Why not seal the deal and get prepared with some fantastic recipes for this season?

So go ahead and get yourself a copy of Leanne’s keto holiday cookbook. Like I say, it’s only $10 and your taste buds (and your whole body) will be thanking you for it!

Click the image below to check it out and buy:

ketogenic recipes for the holiday season

Full transparency – I do get a small commission if you buy through my link, at no extra cost to yourself. Thanks!

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