How to Eat Out and Stay Keto/Low Carb

The keto diet and eating out

“Strive for progress, not perfection”

However life-changing eating a keto diet may be, we don’t want it to change our lives to the extent that we aren’t doing things that we would otherwise enjoy. Eating out is a good example of this.

I’ll admit, in the first couple of months of eating keto, I just didn’t eat out at all. I was too afraid of accidentally eating a dressing that had too many carbs in it, or, indeed, just caving in and eating a whole bunch of unplanned carbs.

But I soon came to realise that I didn’t want to be living this way. I didn’t want to be on a diet that inhibited me from enjoying activities or hanging out with friends and loved ones!

The bottom line is that life is for living. I mean, the whole point of me getting healthier and fitter and creating a body I love was for the purpose of living more, not less!


So here’s the thing. If you want to eat out while eating keto – go for it.

If you’re adamant about not falling off the wagon, simply order some meat and a side salad without dressing. You can ask for some butter or even mayonnaise to go with your meal.

Alternatively, order exactly what you want to eat and enjoy it thoroughly. And the next day, just get back on the keto train.

Eating keto is a way of life, not simply a means to an end. One meal that includes some chips or a burger bun is not going to ruin everything! I read a lot about how one cheat meal sets you back to square one, or suggestions about fat fasts after a cheat meal or even not eating the next day. I have to say, I thoroughly disagree with all of these approaches. For the simple reason that they encourage an ‘all or nothing’ mindset, and a kind of reward/punishment attitude towards eating.

Don’t get caught in this ‘all or nothing’ mindset trap. Live your life, eat good food and be healthy in body and mind and soul. Enjoy yourself and do what’s right the majority of the time, and at all other times let yourself experience and love life to its fullest extent.

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