Keto Desserts Recipes I Love!

Funnily enough, I was never really much of a desserts person until I started eating keto. I guess the calories and crappy feeling I used to get after eating desserts would mostly stop me from bothering, but once I discovered there are healthy, delicious desserts that are keto, well I was all in!

Before we get there, though, I just have to say that if you are in the process of transitioning to keto and your body is not yet keto adapted, the absolute best thing to do is just stay away from trying to recreate any keto versions of your favourite puddings.

The reason for this is simply that while you are transitioning, you are not only upgrading your body, you are upgrading your mind and how you think about food. From experience, if you spend the early days desperately trying to recreate your old diet into a keto one, you simply won’t adapt, and what’s more, the whole thing will feel like a real struggle.

On the other hand, there’s much to be said for doing whatever it takes to stay on track. So if you are hit with a massive craving for something sweet or stodgy, and there’s a chance you’re going to slip into old eating habits, a keto dessert now and then can help you stay on track.

Just be aware of your body and your mind and always choose the option that you know you will be happy with after the fact.


Once your body has adapted, the truth is you probably won’t be so bothered for keto desserts and treats. But they certainly do have their place; I believe there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then.

So with that being said, I would like to share some keto dessert recipes that I have found around the internet. The reason I love these recipes is that they are quick, easy, keto and delicious. Some involve dairy, and others do not. I generally try to stay away from dairy, but I can handle it now and then in small amounts.

My Favourite Keto Desserts Recipes

Keto Chocolate Lava Cake

This is a delicious, dairy free, 2-minute chocolate mug cake. (You need a microwave)

21-DSD Lemon Vanilla Meltaways| Fed and Fit-3Lemon Vanilla Melt-Aways from

Another very quick, no bake recipe that is refreshing and delicious after a meal. Dairy free.

Just mix up the ingredients, pour into cute little cups and refrigerate for 30 minutes.




Coconut Chocolate Bars By The Nourished Caveman -Do you miss candy bars? Here is a great solution. This coconut chocolate bar will become your favorite of all the low carb snacks!Coconut Chocolate Bars from the Nourished Caveman

Again, dairy free and absolutely delicious!

There’s a LOT of coconut involved in this recipes, so don’t bother if you’re not a massive coconut lover.





Try this super simple version of a sugar free nutella. It is incredibly simple to make and uses walnuts rather than roasting and removing the skin from hazelnuts. #lowcarb | ditchthecarbs.comSugar Free Nutella from

I haven’t made this in a while, but what I liked to do was to make a small batch, keep it in the fridge, and then if carb cravings got the best of my I would take a spoon and just get a dollop of it and eat it slowly like a cat. 🙂 Sometimes a dessert for me literally just means a spoonful of something sweet and yummy.



Quick and Easy Keto Bread.

This takes around half an hour from start to finish and makes a loaf of bread which can be cut into 12 slices. Each slice has just over 1g of carb so don’t go and eat the whole loaf! I like to warm a slice up and pile on a big load of butter. Perfect for dark evenings in front of the t.v.

Before anyone points it out – I know this isn’t strictly a dessert! But if you are still hungry after dinner, this can really fill you up, and you get the satisfying ‘stodge’ factor.

Keto Chocolate Fudge

Another quick, no bake recipe. Includes butter, cream cheese and walnuts.

Avocado Ice Cream

It seemed to take me ages to find a keto ice cream recipe that didn’t mean I had to go out and buy an ice cream maker. With this recipe you simply blend it all up and pop it in the freezer. What’s more, it’s made with avocado!! (And is therefore very green).

Includes dairy.

Keto Desserts Recipes I Love!Lime-tastic Tarts from I Breathe I’m Hungry

These are so good. They take a little more making and so are more suited to if you are planning a special meal (as opposed to when you just need a dessert now!)

Each tart has 5g of net carbs, so make sure you take that into consideration for your daily carb count.




Keto Desserts Recipes I Love!Cinnamony Pie Crust Squares from Gourmet Girl Cooks

These are truly wonderful! I substituted the swerve sweetener for natural stevia which unfortunately meant I couldn’t have the little sugar sprinkles on top, but that really didn’t take anything away from the taste.


So there you have it! These have been my go-to keto dessert recipes for a while now. There are, of course, thousands of other dessert recipes out there but you know, when you find what you like, why not stick to it? 🙂


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