One of the main things I had to get my head around when I started the ketogenic diet was just how much fat I needed to eat each day. To start with I kind of tried to get away with less fat – sticking around the 100g a day mark. I did this because I was trying to keep my calories down and also because part of me just didn’tΒ  believe that I could possibly eat so much fat and not turn into one big roll of cellulite.

However, I found that trying to keep calories down and not getting those fat levels up with just stopping me from keto-adapting. And if you don’t keto-adapt, then your body is not efficiently burning fats for fuel – and that’s the whole point if you wan to be experiencing the benefits of eating keto!

When I decided to try and get in closer to 200g of fat a day, I also lowered my protein intake to around 45-55g so actually my total calorie intake was rarely much over 2000kcal. And boy did I feel so much better. I finally got over the low-carb flu (which was just seeming to drag on for weeks and weeks), and weirdly enough I started to lose inches faster.

Bottles and plates of fatWhat 200g of Fat a Day Looks Like

(No this image is not a picture of 200g of fat!)

I need to keep things simple. If I have to weigh and measure obsessively, it kind of makes my brain go funny, and I stop enjoying what I’m doing.

So, I needed an easy way to know for sure that I was getting enough fats in each day – without having to spend ages on meal planning. Here’s the simple equation:

A tablespoon of fat has roughly 14g of fat in it.

So if you include 3 tablespoons of fat at each meal that’s 126g of fat over the course of a day of eating three meals.

Drink two fatty teas a day (a cup of tea with 1 tablespoon of butter or coconut oil blended in); that’s another 28g of fat.

That totals 154g of fat!

Add to that an avocado, and some nice fatty meats/fish through the day and you’ve pretty much nailed the 200g of fat in a day.

And how can you include 3 tablespoons of fat in a meal? Well, that’s pretty easy… cook with 1 tablespoon, put a dollop of butter on your meat and a dollop of homemade mayonnaise on the side. Alternatively use a nicely oily salad dressing. Done!

Obviously, there are lots of ways to get your fats up to that 200g a day mark and each day will probably vary. Some days you might end up eating less, some days more.

For me nowadays, the most important thing is that I eat more than 150g of fat in a day. If I go lower than that I start to notice that I have less energy, and I don’t have that ‘completely satiated’ feeling that you get from keto when you’re doing it right.

I’m so used to eating high fat now that my meals feel like they’re missing something if they’re not swimming in butter, or I’m not liberally coating my veggies in mayonnaise.

Oh and a cup of peppermint tea with coconut oil blended in is the perfect afternoon pick me up. πŸ™‚

I’m going to try and get some recipes going on my blog soon, and some ‘what I eat during the day’ posts with photos! So it will be even easier to see how I get my 200g of fat in. πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “How to Eat 200g of Fat a Day”

    1. Hey Nicole,

      That’s 14g X 3 per meal… so three meals per day =126g πŸ˜‰

      I’m gonna edit the blog to make this more clear. Cheers!

    2. 3 tablespoons at each meal. Each tablespoon is 14 gms of fat. 14 x 9= 126. In order to see it, you must read.

  1. Thanks for this! I just started your 200 grams a day menu and feeling great! I needed something like this because I was getting too much protein and not enough fat. I like it because it’s simple!
    Hope to see more😁

  2. Hello and thank you for breaking this down for me. I’m understanding more now but still a little confused. Why do we need to use a macro calculator. For my age weight and height it says to eat less. Do we all start at 200g of fat and after we loose weight then we need to calculate?

    1. Hi Manon,

      200g of fat is a recommended starting point for when you’re just starting out. You push the fats to really get your body/brain understanding that fats are the fuel of choice. When I started I usually hit between 150-200g of fat per day.

      After keto-adapting you can play around with your fat levels. πŸ™‚

      Macro calculators can be useful to help you learn what a keto meal looks like in terms of how much fat, protein and carbs you can have on a plate. I generally recommend moving away from macro calculators as soon as you’re ready just because no one likes to have to be plugging in numbers to a calculator every time they eat!

  3. What’s the logic on 200g of fat per day?? I don’t even think the medical keto diet would have that much? You need a certain amount of protein to maintain muscle so that’s not really a number you should lower just cause you want to save calories. Would really like to know the science behind this as nothing I have read supports this.

    1. Hi Loreli,

      Great question!

      I first found out about the 200g of fat number way back when I was following Stephanie Person and her keto vids. She’s a great example of what keto can do for you – check out this vid and bear in mind she’s 50 years old!

      Personally, I adapted eating between 150g-200g of fat per day.

      I think the trouble is, a lot of people (women in particular), massively decrease their carbs and protein to go keto, without upping their fats enough. This ends up putting them in quite a severe calorie deficit which is just no good for nobody – especially women!

      200g of fat is not actually a lot when you think about eating the right foods. For example, two avocados has around 60g of fat right there! Add in some coconut, a rib eye steak, some olives, some nuts and cheese and drizzling you veggies with olive oil and you’re pretty much there!

      200g of fat doesn’t mean you have to glug back oils or eat butter by the spoonful. πŸ™‚

  4. Actually, it is my understanding that for therapeutic ketosis in the treatment of cancer for example proposed by Dr. Thomas Seyfried at Boston College calls for a 4 or sometimes a 3 to 1 ratio of grams of fat to grams of protein plus carbs. If one eats about 50 grams of protein and 20 grams of net carbs, it would be necessary to consume 210 to 280 grams of fat a day. I can easily consume 150 grams a day and am trying to work my way up to 200 which is difficult for me. I easily lost weight consuming 150 grams of fat a day; however, now I am trying not to lose anymore weight, so at least I can afford to eat the extra calories.

  5. I’m a little confused about the fatty tea. You said “Drink two fatty teas a day (a cup of tea with 1 tablespoon of butter or coconut oil blended in); that’s another 28g of fat.” My MCT oil has 14g of fat in a tbsp so did you mean 1 tbsp of butter AND 1 tbsp of coconut oil or is there a brand of coconut oil that has 26g of fat in 1 tbsp?

  6. Thanks for providing a go by. I was thinking how the heck I would get in 150- 200 grams of fat. I panicked and this helped get me off the ledge. Thanks

  7. I’m struggling too, with the idea of eating 150 grams of fat. Eating bacon and oil is already making me feel quite yukky, especially after spending the last 20 years looking for zero fat on all my food labels. Are there easy ‘grab’ foods that I can eat without having melted butter etc. on everything? I am enjoying my second week of this but struggling with the fat..

  8. I understand besides upping the fat intake to 200g we also need to lower the BG level to 4.4 or lower. Even i keep my carbs and protein lower but still unable to reach that level. Any suggestions?

    1. Cassie, I have been in ketosis for over a year and my blood ketones usually range from 1 to 3 or more. I easily lost 25+ pounds (144 to 116) in just a half a year once I seized the fat! At this point, I eat about 150 grams of fat a day, 40 grams of protein and 20 to 30 grams of carbs. I also gave up dairy because dairy can cause insulin to go up in some people. My blood sugars rarely go below 80 unless I have been fasting over 16-18 hours and easily go into the 90’s. As time has past, my blood sugars have risen into the 90’s more often which seems to happen to some people. From what I’ve read, one can have more circulating blood sugar because the muscles are using fat for fuel rather than glucose. Also I have read that the body will make extra sugar sometimes in response to exercise, stress or the like. It is a complicated process and the body tries to meet it’s needs by reaching a state of balance. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. I am learning, however, no specific formula is perfect With a goal of having a ratio of one to one with blood sugar and blood ketones (which is described as a therapeutic level) I am realizing this goal is probably an impossible dream for me unless I fast more often. I’ve gained back some weight, but I had to stop fasting because I was getting too thin — down to 112. Don’t get frustrated, stick with it and keep reading. hopefully you will figure out what will work for you.

  9. Really needed some help here. So the weight I wanted to achieve is 48kg and I exercise everyday for an average of 1 hour of cardio and some weight training. I used the 1.2g of protein per kg weight formula to calculate the following:
    75% fat (216g), 20% protein (57.6g) and 5% carbs (14.4g) ratio for my 1400 calorie intake with 48kg target weight.
    I came up with:
    0.5 avocado
    1 50g egg
    2 cups of mushroom (156g*2)
    5oz of Beef Sirloin with visible fat
    40 pieces of unsalted Pistachio nuts
    5 table spoons of Coconut Oil

    Fat: 130.3g out of 216g (way too low)
    Protein: 57.1g out of 57.6g
    Carbs: 12.5g out of 14.4g
    Calories: 1493.8 (exceeded already)

    What should I do? I tried so many combinations with the app Cronometer but won’t give me anything close with the Fat unless the calories intake leaps up high above 2000 calories. I just started today, had 1 meal of pork belly and the calories already exceeded. I’m so lost, so hungry now and not sure what to do tomorrow…Help please..

  10. Pam says: Started kept almost 3 yrs ago. I lasted a ‘religious’ 1 yr. I’ve been trying to get back for a yr. I lost 50 lbs and was never hungry. I am determined to get the 10 lbs + another 30 lbs off. This will help. Still have some coconut oil (thanks for that reminder). Maybe I can remember the rest and get down to 170 lbs by my 76th birthday in June! Wish me luck! Thanks for the reminders.😊

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