Falling off the ketogenic wagon never feels great – I’ve been there, done that many times.

Especially in the early days.

I know that feeling of being disappointed with yourself and frustration at seemingly being back at square one.

In those first few months, what would happen to me is I’d have a couple of splendid weeks, where I wasn’t feeling hungry, I could feel my clothes getting looser, and everything was going well.

And then, totally unexpectedly, the carb cravings would hit. I’d go through a day or two of feeling this kind of tension and ridiculously insane desire for carbs. I ‘d resist and resist until a part of my brain that didn’t seem to be me would take over, and I’d find myself stood in front of the cupboard with a piece of bread in one hand and a packet of crisps in the other.

What then would follow was a 3-day binge on pretty much any carb I could get my hands on. Followed by feeling pissed at myself and fed up at having to start back at the beginning.

After the fourth or fifth time of this happening, I decided I had to really figure out what was going on here. Why was I falling off the wagon and how could I make it so that this didn’t happen.

Here’s what I realised:

First of all, if I was living in a way which meant there was a possibility of ‘cheating’ or ‘falling off the wagon’ – that meant I was essentially on a diet.

And I didn’t want to be on a diet.

I wanted just to be eating in a way that felt good and satisfying and which also led to weight loss and better health.

I didn’t want to be eating in order to get to a destination, I wanted to be living my life now, eating each day in a way that just brought me more and more benefits – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Secondly, I wanted to be in a position where if I did eat fall off the wagon, that was ok, and I could just hop back onto the ketosis train immediately afterward.

Because I need to keep things real.

The truth is, sometimes at the cinema I will eat popcorn. Or on one of my kid’s birthdays, I will have a piece of cake. I didn’t want this normal living and enjoying life to be the end of the world. I wanted a way to get back into my lovely ketosis state quickly, easily and without any negative feeling towards myself.

So what’s the answer?

Don’t spend today trying to make up for yesterday.

Each day is a new day. A day in which you can fill up on all the good foods that you know will bring you closer to your goals. Yesterday was yesterday. Last week was last week.

Forget about them and just focus on today, tomorrow and getting your habits right now.

With that being said, I do have some tips that will help make life easier when you are climbing back onto the wagon:

My tips for getting back into ketosis after ‘cheating’ (aka being human).

  • Don’t extend your ‘cheat’ for any length of time just because you might as well now that you’ve fallen off the wagon. The longer you extend this period, the longer it will take to get back into ketosis. For example, the first time I fell off the wagon ended up in a 3 day carb binge, and it took a full week to get back into ketosis after that. The next time I just had some spaghetti at dinner time, and that was it – and I was back into ketosis by the end of the next day.
  • When you have ‘cheated,’ make sure you do not eat again until you are genuinely hungry. No snacking or picking at food (even keto approved food). Wait until you have genuine hunger.
  • When you do eat, make sure your next couple of meals are very high in fats and low in both carbs and protein. Ideally, your carbs should simply come from greens such as rocket or spinach.
  • Don’t try to restrict your calories in the following days, fill up on as much good nutrition as you like. This will help you to get back in balance a lot quicker than fasting. Remember, don’t spend today making up for yesterday. Keep building towards a healthier you.
  • Do some exercise. If you are healthy and strong, a HIIT workout or heavy lifting is ideal. But even going for a long stroll will do the trick. Just get your body moving and using up those glycogen reserves.
  • Be kind to yourself, take this opportunity to shower yourself in love. No punishments, just love.
  • Don’t obsessively measure your blood sugars/ketones, or anything for that matter. Just pick up where you left off and know that your body will get back into ketosis as and when it is ready.
  • Write down in your journal how you felt after eating whatever ‘cheat’ foods you did. Remembering this will help you to keep on track if or when the carb cravings hit again. Also write down how good you feel in ketosis and keep this to hand so you can read it again in emergencies!
  • Plan ahead. Learn from your mistakes and find a way to deal with the possibility of it happening again, before it actually happens. Following weekly meal plans like these that are laid out for you with recipes and grocery lists can help you to stay on track.

I no longer ‘cheat’ – ever.

And how do I manage this?

I’ve simply wiped the phrase ‘cheat’ out of my vocabulary. Yes I might eat something that isn’t on my list of perfect foods for the perfect human being who does everything perfectly all. of. the. time. And that’s fine; it doesn’t bother me.

Eating keto is a way of life, not a jail sentence.

And my aim was and still is to be free from addictive eating, obsessive mindsets and that state of not loving my body.

So, shoo away any feelings of disappointment with yourself, or feelings of negativity towards yourself, pick up your skirts and keto on!

Weekly Keto Weight Loss Meal Plans

106 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Ketosis After Cheating”

  1. Fantastic!
    This was very inspirational for me because it was not only positive but realistic. Which for me, is key!

    I myself have been doing keto for three and a half months now. I started at a size 20, and now am at 14. I never weighed myself when I began and still haven’t to this day for the mere fact of not wanting to reach a destination or ideal goal for fear that once hit, slowly make my way back to the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle I was in.

    I want this to be a lifestyle, not a diet and I practically made myself take an oath that I was beginning a new and lifelong journey. I am human and of course as I have been shrinking (which is fantastic to say as a woman, fo sho!) I have noticed my sizes change dramatic , which explains why I know a start size and where I currently am at.

    With that being said…
    Yesterday I wanted carbs so bad, the sugary, unnatural, horrible “bad guy” carbs! I ate almost a whole container of sugar cookies and three Reeses Eggs! Curse you Easter candy!!! I was so disappointed in myself the second I swallowed my last bite. And since then have been engulfed with this overwhelming swarm of guilt over me.

    This article really gave me a light at the end of a tunnel, a detour in a huge obstacle, an understanding that I AM HUMAN. It happened. I caved.

    But that was yesterday, it is today! And I made solid choices and have eaten super high in fat and about 6g of carbs total in those items.
    It helped reading this knowing to just pick back up and continue the lifestyle I have chosen. It also is a fantastic idea to journal how it made me feel caving yesterday by binge eating the processed, sugary garbage. To document the emotional and physical side effects from that slight “weakness”.

    I’ll tell you something, being in ketosis for months has felt amazing, extremely high energy levels, the positive changes in my body: physically AND mentally. Those cards have literally left me feeling ill ALL day. My body is literally crying from within in pain and agony. I feel like one of the human characters from Pixar’s Wally after intaking all of those carbs. The journal will be a very great tool to resort back to when and if those urges come back. Which we all know …THEY WILL.

    I just wanted to say I really appreciate this article and your insight, information and positive reinforcement to other women who are living the same lifestyle whom are just needing that little extra glimmer of hope and support.
    Thank you very much!

    With love,

    1. Hi Hiliary, wow! Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience. I have to say, I love your attitude and also that you are finding so much success on keto. Yes, we are all human and it is so important to keep things in perspective and to be gentle and loving with ourselves. The journey to health and wellbeing often teaches us so much along the way. I remember talking to a friend of mine a couple of years ago when I had, against all my good intentions, eaten a boat load of crap! She said to me – Joan, for goodness sake, it’s not like you’ve gone out and killed someone. You just ate some cake, get over it. Ha! Wise words indeed! All the very best to you, Joan. 🙂

      1. I ate cake tonight and felt horrible. It was my mom’s birthday. But after reading this I feel awesome again. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you!!! I fell off the wagon last night and have been questioning if this ‘diet’ is really for me, but I know the food satisfies me more than any other ‘diet food’ and I feel better doing this. I felt kinda angry though because now and then I like to indulge in some carbs or a takeaway with my fiancé that’s not keto restricted. I need to change my viewpoint and just live life! If I eat some refined carbs once in a while it’s NOT the end of the world, I just need to get back on plan asap 🙂
    I feel better for reading your post, thank you xx

    1. Hi Elle, I’m so glad it helped you to feel better! Yes, life is absolutely for living and while I believe keto is one of the best way to live life to the full, I think it’s so, so important to keep things in perspective and to remember we’ve always got a choice. Like you said, the world isn’t going to end if you indulge in carbs on a night out, or if you have a takeaway meal. It took me a while to move away from seeing what I’m eating as either good or bad. It’s really more like a bank balance… and when you’ve been depositing plenty of healthy, keto cheques, the odd withdrawal of a ‘carb meal’ isn’t going to make much of a difference overall!

    2. So true Elle, the same as I feel! My 3 week plateau really had me discouraged but the thought of going back to feeling bad is enough to keep me onboard and to just perservere! I am 71 years old and it is late in the game to finally figure out that it is carbs that have been my downfall all these years. The good carbs in fruits and vegetables that I used to try and be “healthy” still were the source of weight gain! Who knew? I am happy for your success too!

  3. Great article, with a very important and valid point. I want keto to be a lifestyle, not a diet. If a high carb meal slips into the mix once in a great awhile, I just need to remind myself that I’m doing this to be healthy long term, and bounce back into keto eating the next day. Thanks for publishing this!

  4. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I was feeling really downtrodden because I ate two atkins bars today and kept telling myself how stupid that was. Those things have 22g carbs total (I usually count total and not net) and was wondering how long it would take to get back into ketosis. Just one of those super frustrating days…but it is not the end of the world as you said. I loved your tips. Thank you so much for the encouraging article. I have 30lbs to lose and seem to be at a stall, so I was in one my ‘moody’ phases. This really helped.

  5. This is very helpful. I’ve been on Keto since April and I move to different office sites every now and then and sometimes it is too hard to find Keto approved foods and I would have no choice but to eat a carb filled food for 1 meal during a day coz I don’t wanna starve and then get back to Keto again. Sometimes I would travel back to my Mom’s house and she would cook something really nice (with carbs) and I of course would have to eat. Yeah that’s cheating but now I just realized that there are just no use thinking of it. Maybe you could eat non keto food maybe once a week and it would not make any difference at all.

  6. This is a big encouragement! I have bee 6 months on this journey an the last 3 weeks on a weight loss olateau! I have lost 50 pounds with 70 more to go to weight loss goal, but my primary goal is now to stay healthy, continue feeling good and live a new life style, not a diet! I was in a mental panic because I desperately drank 4 oz of tonic water for the quinine due to severe leg cramps! The leg cramps were resolved within 10 minutesvthanks to the quinine but looking at the carbs in the nuitrition nearly made me gag! 28 g per bottle and I drank nearly a 3rd! I am not tempted to cheat with junk but sometimes like this I realize I really blew the ketosis! Finally this week I list 1/2 pound after 3 weeks of nothing so I am taking it as a big win, especially since the fat percentage really dropped with some water % elevation. This lifestyle has given me a new outlook and at 71 years of age, that is not an easy thing…lol. Thanks for the positive refocus, I will use it as a tool to getting to my goa!!

  7. This is so right on the money for me. I’m at a he end of a binge and struggling to get back… this is a welcome relief…..

  8. Very helpful article. I agree keto not a diet but a change of lifestyle and perseption of food. Thanks for the reminder it’s not cheating it’s a curve in the road.

  9. This is encouraging! I had desserts yesterday, felt terrible, moving forward today, concentrating on what good comes from KETO! THANK YOU!

  10. Thank you it really helps me a lot especially that I found my self gaining 2 kilos !!!! After one day eating pizza 💔 I went back to Keto and I totally understand that it’s life routine not day or two diet. Thank you 🙏

  11. I know this site is geared toward women but I wanted to thank you for your words, especially at the end. I’ve always been over weight and dealt with guilt, shame, etc. for years. In May I started keto at 236 lbs and dropped to 197. Ive added in apples and cashews the last two weeks (these became daily binges) and my numbers are going up and I’ve dealt with alot of “angry at myself feelings”. This article was a genuine 180 for my brain. THANK YOU!

  12. So very helpful—thank you. Attending a wedding where I know the spread will be amazing. If I don’t “feast” a bit at the event, all hell will likely break loose immediately afterward. Plus, I want to party with friends and that means a bit of alcohol and pastry. I’ve been agonizing about this but will do as you suggest starting the very next morning! XO

  13. Thank you so much for being so realistic about the ‘cheating’ on Ketosis. I have been on Ketosis for almost a year now. But only recently I fell off the wagon and have been binging on chocolates. I feel guilty and bloated and miserable. It feels as though I have to start all over again. Your article gives me hope. I would like to know that whether Intermittent fasting help me get back to keto faster? And is yes, then how should I go about it? Please suggest. TIA

  14. I’ve just had a crab binge for 2 days and I’m hating myself for it but after reading this it has actually made me feel so positive, thank you!

  15. I really needed to read this! I have been beating myself up the past few days for taking some time from Keto to enjoy the holidays. I didnt go overboard by any means, but I definitely do not like the way my body feels right now and want to get back into ketosis as soon as possible. I just need to learn from this experience and now move on. Thank you, your article has helped

  16. Thank you for this article. I was doing great. September I truly started Keto and lost about 35 lbs in about a months time. But then in October I seriously stalled, November stalled plus a couple pounds, ditto for December. It’s been hard to get back into Ketosis. I find myself automatically eating sweets, craving carbs and forget about fasting. It’s been a hard road back. But I so want to see that scale move downwards. January 2018 will be great, speaking it by faith!!

  17. Thank you for this beautiful take on accepting oneself even when one isn’t perfect ( maybe even especially because one is never perfect!) I love keto but just went off for a week for the holidays- I didn’t go crazy, but I ate what I wanted even when that meant having a cookie or a piece of fudge ! I’m feeling lousy today even though I decided to accept myself – accept that I’m not perfect– I needed this! Thank you!

  18. After a weekend of carbs, this was an awesome read! Keto is a life style..not a diet…love that! Don’t feel like a total failure…just get pick up and go!

  19. Hi Joan… I have ‘ketoing’ for almost 3 weeks – not exactly a veteran, but ya gotta start somewhere.. Today – I had 2 small pcs of pizza, at a party we had for our girl’s ministry @ church. I gotta say – it felt so good to be eating pizza again! But – I did what you said & didn’t beat myself up. Tonite I went back to my keto leftovers from last nite. My clothes are fitting a bit looser, and although I am still feeling a bit weaker, I think I am getting used to it.. I also think I am sleeping better, and if I want to sleep in an extra half hour, I do, as my working days are over. Wanted to ask – what do you think of those raspberry ketones I see advertised? Would they help, as the ads say? I also take a lot of vitamins.

    1. Hi Lovey! It’s sounds like you are doing great, and a huge well done for being able to enjoy pizza and just get straight back on the keto train! I haven’t tried those raspberry ketones I’m afraid so I can’t offer any advice there…. sorry! Well done again. 🙂

  20. So ooo I had a so called cheat and this blog stoppes me from beating myself up too much. 3 weeks of being very strict and I minutely screwed up … thanks for putting it into perspective.

  21. Thank you for Posting this, I just started the Keto diet a week ago and cheated today with some plantain chips from Trader Joe’s. I have been feeling horrible and I hate feeling that way. Thank you for encouraging me to let it go and move on!!

  22. I was feeling like crying for “failing” today. And you made me feel better. Thank you. I will keep on doing awesome because I know I have been recently. Thank you for allowing me to hear the words I needed to forgive myself and get on with it.

  23. Today is day 6 after a cheat day…..i had a burger (with the bun) onion rings and a bowl of spaghetti for dinner. I was sick as a dog for 3 days after the 3rd day i felt better so i thought my weight from the carb load must have gone back down. It didnt……im still 9 lbs up. What happened?!?!?

  24. what causes this insane urge for carbs? My timing is about like yours. I can eat the good foods for two to three weeks, and then comes the day that I fight the office candy all day having walked by it relatively easy before that. What is happening on that day and is there a way to prepare for it?

  25. When I looked up “what to do after i messed up ny keto ” in google, I could not have found a more perfect entry. Thank you so much!!!!

  26. Thank you for this! I have my Book Club this Friday and I want to be able to enjoy the lovely foods by friends make (and maybe enjoy a drink or two). I LOVE how I feel on keto and I am only 12 days in and I’ve long 9 pounds already. (did a test strip today too, in ketosis!) I was stressing about what to do on Friday but now I feel SO much better about it. I just need to relax and enjoy myself with my beloved Book Club friends.

  27. I just came back from a week vacation to Cuba. I was doing so well until I got there. I had lost almost 40 lbs, feeling great and high energy. When I got there, I almost cried. There was hardly anything that fit my keto lifestyle, food-wise. And I got sick after eating veggies to accompany my protein. Still, I had to eat, but the only thing that I could keep in was either rice, bread and cheese. I was so hungry all the time, it was ridiculous. I was not eating enough, but what was available was either not appropriate or made me sick. When I got back from my vacation, I had gained 4 lbs!!!! I could not believe it! I had been very active physically and figured that the ‘carb damages’ would not be too bad. Oh, but it was. And the worst part is that when I picked up my healthy keto habits upon my return, I started getting the nausea and upset stomach that had characterized my first weeks on the keto diet (keto flu symptoms). I hate feeling like this. Anyway, I do hope that these symptoms will go away fast. What a bummer that spending a beautiful week at the beach turned out being so difficult food-wise… What would be your advice for the next time I am in such a situation? Should I stick to more protein and leave out bad carbs? What should I have done differently? Thank God I had brought what I needed to make my bullet-proof hot chocolate in the morning. At least, I had breakfast covered with that. Thanks!!!

  28. Hi! I’m so happy to read this! I’ve been eating keto for 3 weeks but tonight had some nachos and half a cup of Pepsi. Its about 3 hours later now and I feel like poo! Tummy hurts, heart racing. In sure tomorrow is going to be interesting. But I know beating myself up won’t solve anything. I too want this to just be my way of life…not a “diet”.

  29. Thank you 2 hot cross buns a crumpet and chocolate spread and cookies later, nice but over now, full body weight session tomorrow and some hiit and I’ll be fine, I know that now thanks to u x

  30. Thanks for this Joan. Tonight as part of a lovely and relaxing day with a great group of friends, colleagues and acquaintances I had a glass of Baileys which I felt absolutely fine with as a rare treat that was on the table. But back in my apartment I immediately went online worrying if I’d FUped all my hard work (which has been so much easier in the last couple of weeks) after three months of no sugar, no alcohol on Keto. We get together every Friday or Sunday night and I’m consistently on water while everybody else has a drink and they all get it now — Im happy, they’re happy. I’ve been determined from the start that I didn’t want this to be a diet but a lifestyle. So I haven’t weighed myself. I’ve also been clear with myself from the start that I’m happy with consistent weight loss over however long it takes. And, more importantly, seeing a change in my stress levels (reasoning ability), happiness index (out loud laughter and not taking myself too seriously), health outcomes (ok, I still need to work on the smoking — but one thing at a time) and being more observant about how I feel, carry myself and relate to others in a way that is confident but considerate of how others see the world (I’m in a new expatriate world working and living with an incredible diversity of people who now form my family away from home). You’ve confirmed my thoughts. I feel good. One day at a time and no life sentences.

  31. Ice found it super hard to stay on track with my daughter being back home, her up coming marriage and life stresses in general… I may eat something not keto everyday… not all day but almost every day… how can I get back on track from that?


  32. Thank you so much for this encouragement. I stayed off for a week for my birthday and now I feel very guilty and so very bad. This really lifted my spirit

  33. I find that it’s a slippery slope; first, I buy low carb processed bars or ice cream occasionally, next thing you know they’re in my cart every time I go shopping. I think I’m one of those people whose metabolism treats sugar alcohols like regular carbs, because I noticed the cravings creeping back… yesterday I went to the grocery store before dinner and I bought one of those artisan Asiago cheese bread loaves and ate half last night and half this morning. It is demoralizing, but I googled the internet looking for a reboot, and finding this blog entry gave me the boost I needed. Valuable lesson, too, was observing how much more I eat when carbs are involved, to the point of pain, which I find to be almost impossible to do on a keto diet, and feeling my waistline bloat out painfully afterward. As sucky as giving up the addictive carbs can be, it’s the only way (and keeping a food diary) I’m able to keep weight off once I’ve lost it.

    As you said; “Every day is a new day.”

  34. Hi Joan!

    Amazing article! This is exactly where I am right now..
    After I lost about 10kg with ketosis, the carb cravings came out of nowhere. I really couldn’t resist any more so I gave in.
    It started with bread with Nutella to pasta on day 1, only to get worse in a couple of days with the mindset of “I already cheated and get off keto so just eat a little more” Bad brain of mine 😉

    But as I started my keto again, it is hard to stick to it. I keep cheating a little at a time. Sometimes a little bit chocolate, or a slice of bread.. I can’t seem to get in to proper keto diet anymore what makes my dietician kind of angry.. As I still have a couple of 10kg to go to get healthy again.
    Do you have any tips or motivational words that you think could help me get back on track? I know I can cheat sometimes, but it is a little getting out of hand I think.
    Thank you!

  35. I love this article. Today was my first time falling off the wagon after 1 month keto and I was drowning in a state of guilt. I think my 1 meal would have also turned into a 3 day binge if I didn’t read this. Would it be ok to give myself a meal off every month for the foods I like but can never find alternatives to? I know everything has an alternative but it doesn’t taste the same. I don’t want to call it a cheat meal but it is living my life normally with most of my food choices being good for me and some of them being human.

  36. I have been on this diet for about 3 weeks now and I have lost 10lbs. But for two days this week I have already cheated. I ate a Reese Milk shake from Cook Out and on Monday I ate 4 hug cookies. I feel really bad for doing this because I am on this journey with my husband and my friend. I feel like I’m the only one that don’t have self control. I don’t know what to do I feel like a failure. I need some other support and to know that I am human

    1. Hey! You’re all good. All you did is eat a bit of food you didn’t plan to… the only thing you’re doing wrong right now is feeling bad about it. 🙂 Make the decision to love yourself no matter what on your journey. It’s completely normal to have ups and downs. Pick up your skirts and Keto on. 👍

  37. Loved it. This is the yin aspect – the soft approach- which I salute and gentlemen should embrace like samurai learning calligraphy. Unfortunately many become explosively cautionary and zealous.

  38. Thank you! I needed to read this right now, 40th birthday weekend was rough and I’m feeling bloated from all the cake,chips and dips etc… and just, disappointed.

  39. I was on keto for only 3 days,and now I started to cheat! I had curly fries, chicken wings, and couple of timbits. Afterwards, I felt extremely terrible and I was on hunt for a mental support and found this. Now, i think i’m physically ready to get on with changing my lifestyle with keto! Thank you.

  40. Hi I have been on keto since November and I LOVE it!! I love the freedom of cravings, the energy, the ease of dealing with food…having said that—I have just had a 2 day BINGE!! a serious one with chocolate and ice cream and cake….
    For me, it has been coming because of a few factors…I have allowed a certain maltitol sweetened choc bar in to my life . and I was still in ketosis so was telling myself that its ok but it wasn’t . I have been drinking too many fatty coffees and not eating enough food and lastly, I have not been practicing enough self care in terms of exercise and just nourishing my emotional /spiritual side….and the result was….food, sweet food and sweeter food…
    Thank God I found this post and it is so right on..it happened…and I can learn from it and I will learn from it… the most healing thing for me to do is to KETO ON! I have not been seeing myself on a diet rather this is a WOE for life–now it needs to be tweaked. My emotional eating issues are still there so need to care for my whole self.. Anyway, thank you again and to all of you on this journey into health and wellness and wholeness

  41. Omg I needed to hear this today!! I’ve been kicking myself in the butt for falling off the wagon I felt so irresponsible for my self but like you said I’m human thank you for putting in words what I was feeling and thank you for your positivity !!

  42. Thank you for this! I just cheated and was feeling so bad! Like I just did a drug after being sober for a while. I felt yucky and guilty actually. I’m just going to put it behind me and get back on track. Maybe go for a run later. Thanks for the tips!

  43. thanks for writing this! I purposely had a “cheat” meal to have lunch with my coworker at a specific restaurant, and I actually didn’t do “bad”.. though I was beating myself up a tiny bit. Then, I had the same thought you mentioned… this is a lifestyle and its totally fine to have times when you eat outside the norm. Also, doing it purposely kept me from falling down the cheat rabbit hole. I loved the practical tips on how to bounce back. Thanks!

  44. Hiii! Thank u for this post!
    /im wondering how can u see if u are back in ketosis?
    I had something sweet (just a little cookie) and too much protein (steaks were delicious ) and I want to know if Im out of ketosis?
    My blood ketones are 1.2 mmol the next day after a regular high fat meal.

  45. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. I have been successfully and happily living a keto lifestyle for about 6 weeks. The results have been exactly what I wanted. I feel great, look great, and am loving it all. However I am on vacation in beautiful Lake Tahoe and had an amazing wood fired pizza last night along with quite a bit of wine. Horror!! I don’t feel bad about it – I come here once a year and I want to enjoy myself when I do. So I got up this morning, read your article, and am excited to get back to my keto life. It reminded me that this is a lifestyle NOT A DIET. And a lifestyle goes on forever – it is not defined by an evening out with friends. I’m putting on my shoes and hitting the street for a good long run.

  46. Such a great article. I have been eating high carb foods for 3 days straight after 2 months of keto and I realize I need to be constructive in my reaction instead of being harsh on myself. Thank you.. I’m gonna hit the gym now and crawl my way back to eating right and feeling right! Xoxo

  47. I lost 70 pound in seven months doing keto, I had it down. Then easter came and chocolate covered marshmallows are my ultimate fav, I was like I can afford this its not cheating. I had that mindset. This is my lifestyle and how can I live without choc marshmallows! So I had some, then I gave myself permission to eat junk the next day, and so on. That ended up turning into a month of shit. The I got strong and got back on keto, that lasted two weeks, then I binged another two weeks. And so on, this two weeks on and two week off has been self sabotage. I am unhappy. I am literally like a drug addict here and in that I mean I cannot even have one sip, one hit, nothing. It will send me way off. So I have been struggling yet again to get back to keto looking for inspiration, found this article which is wonderful. Definitely helped push me today. I know I can do this because I did it. And felt great. I need that back. Why is this so hard for some of us? So today I fast. And right after this I will exercise! Which I haven’t done in months! So My mind feels strong today, and I will run with it. wish me good thoughts! Love xoxox

  48. Woe! That was so helpful. I especially like the fact that you’re essentially telling us to not punish ourselves for being human. Thank you! I’m going to follow suit and abolish “cheat” from my vocabulary

  49. Simply put, this is exactly what I needed to hear. I have had an exorbitant amount of stress for about two weeks (work deadlines, house hunting, putting in an offer, haggling over the contract, second job and a toddler who needs early intervention for speech) and last night I broke, I got the biggest carbiest meal I could find at Taco Bell and ate the whole thing. I’m talking made myself feel sick the rest of the night binge. Which to this point in my life I have never previously done…. somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 carbs. I was so ashamed and I felt like such crap this morning, so I started searching for a “how to pick yourself out of the dirt and get back on the wagon” type advice. Thank you, here’s to picking up today and moving forward.

  50. Thank you .. I got “ discouraged” and fell off the wagon cause I actually started to gain Weight on Keto following it diligently with excersize I was pissed
    Any feedback??

  51. I have eaten chocolate candy and cake!!! I’m going to the gym today, and continuing eating healthy. I feel horrible about it. I am a recovering alcoholic, i know what relapse consists of. I am not going to dwell on it, I have been on the Plant Paradox diet for 1.5 months and lost 15 lbs!!!

  52. I absolutely love this! After a month of doing great in Keto, we had a Saint Patrick’s feast in honor of the 10th anniversary of my Irish mother’s passing… This is such the mindset exactly why I want to live in keto… It’s like yoga. Mine, Body, Soul. Really appreciate your good words.

  53. I needed this and it truly represents so much of how I feel…I feel so much better and love that food is not controlling me anymore…And I have my keto lifestyle to thank for this…I just ate cake for the first time in months…yes it was delicious and yes I felt guilty…then I found this article and told myself that tomorrow is a new day…I’ve got this! And I truly love it!

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